Leil-Zahra Mortada

making noise, and more noise

Ruffle in my closet

(trans)Feminist queer, Arab, and an anarchist… among other not-so-nice things! Horribly addicted to cinema, music, politics,  gender-bending, open relations, vegetarian food and making noise. Eternally confused, and continuously metamorphosing.

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I die, as I have lived, a free spirit, an Anarchist, owing no allegiance to rulers, heavenly or earthly” — Voltairine de Cleyre.

“Objection is when I say: this doesn’t suit me. Resistance is when I make sure that what doesn’t suit me never happens again.” Ulrike Meinhof

“I’m not missing a minute of this, it’s the revolution” Sylvia Rivera (on the Stonewall riots)

“They call me an enemy of the state, so I know I must be doing something right.”  Marilyn Buck (1947-2010).

“It’s true that there will be no revolution without sexual revolution, but it is also true that there will be no sexual revolution without homosexual revolution (…) Join the homosexual Intifada” Bruce LaBruce

“If this is the price to be paid for an idea, then let us pay. There is no need of being troubled about it, afraid, or ashamed. This is the time to boldly say, “Yes, I believe in the displacement of this system of injustice by a just one; I believe in the end of starvation, exposure, and the crimes caused by them; I believe in the human soul regnant over all laws which man has made or will make; I believe there is no peace now, and there will never be peace, so long as one rules over another; I believe in the total disintegration and dissolution of the principle and practice of authority; I am an Anarchist, and if for this you condemn me, I stand ready to receive your condemnation.”  — Voltairine de Cleyre.


  1. Keep your heart strong, every beat move you closer to freedom.

  2. U really a woman, or u a middle-aged Euro guy like the other “queer” arab female bloggers?!

    • What a really nice way to ask! Thank you.

      Did I ever say I was a woman ….anywhere? Or that is you projecting on me? And one slight difference from “Euro guys”/Amina .. people do know me personally.

      And on a side note, there are tons of queer Arab female bloggers who are doing an amazing job, do a bit of research.

      A little advice: Maybe you can try being a little bit less .. well.. you, next time you ask someone a question. Cheers 🙂

  3. I am glad we have such interesting people in Cairo, keep going

  4. Hey great work, you’re amusing and I have taken a liking to you.

    From a fellow queer writer here in Cairo.

  5. Yes, writer, journalist, but not Egyptian unfortunately. How can I send it privately without anyone else seeing it?

    If that’s you in the Palestinian scarf, you’re cute lol.

  6. @LeilZahra Lo q’un revolucionario, un “izquierdista” nunca hace es escondrse y menos d’las palabras. Expresa tu pobrza intelctual y polìtica
    @LeilZahra Por otro lado, no me llegaron tus mensajes. debes mandarlos antes de bloquearme, querida.

    Cuánta sangre siria tienes en tu conciencia.

  7. Interesting 🙂

    As I am not on the ground in Egypt at the moment, can I ask – is there a ‘digital’ party? One thing seems to ring true throughout the year.5 of madness, all the parties relying on twitter/ FB / utube / websites without understanding the real deal… Until now not one website has been setup with a bullet point list of what the party represents and what they will do in power.

    What are your thoughts?

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